My Grand Design

Kevin McCloud is following the biggest self-build project the UK has ever seen.

At a site, near Bicester, in Oxfordshire, Cherwell District Council has acquired a large former Ministry of Defence site. Instead of selling it on to a developer for a quick profit, they’ve taken the unusual step of creating 2000 individual self-build plots and have invited the general public to come and build their own homes.

The Council have relaxed planning regulations to encourage self-builders to design bold homes that reflect their differing characters and needs.

The series will follow the first 10 ground breaking pioneers as they build very individual homes to form a street, and ultimately a community, like no other in Britain.

The first 10 Pioneers range in age from 23 to 72. Some are stuck in the rental trap, unable to afford to buy but able to build. Others are looking to downsize or build homes that match their strong environmental ethos.

The average house price including the plot is an astonishing £250,000. Kevin believes that “If this project is a success, it will change the way we build and, in turn, the way we live in the UK”.

Kevin has always believed that self-build can be cheaper, greener and better constructed than most new houses on the market. Over the course of this six part series, this belief will be put to the test.