My Grand Design (w/t)

Working in close collaboration with Cherwell District Council to secure access to the country’s biggest mass self-build site, located in Bicester, Oxfordshire, My Grand Design (w/t) offers ten households the chance to purchase a plot, design and build their own homes at the dedicated site.

Kevin has conducted a nationwide search for the ten households who want to create their own unique homes and become part of this new community. Highlighting how big ideas about architecture and design can be achieved on a budget, Kevin has found people with a creative ambitious approach to building which will demonstrate how high quality homes can be built without breaking the bank.

All ten homes will be built next to each other and become part of a fledgling new community. The aim of this project is to reduce the barriers to self-build, enabling people to create their own inspirational home on their own budget.  Alongside access to land, self-builders will get access to additional help and advice to make it easier to get their ideas off the ground.

The series will hope to reveal what kind of homes the great British public would choose to live in if they were given the chance to design and build them, instead of leaving it in the hands of developers.

Coming to Channel 4 soon.