Talk to the Animals

Talk to the Animals sees real-life Dr. Doolittle Lucy Cooke on a mission to answer one of life’s mysteries; can we really talk to animals?

Produced by Boundless for BBC One, this two-part series follows zoologist Lucy, taking an in-depth look into the world of animal communication, travelling across the globe to debunk long held myths and open our eyes to what animals can teach us.

Meeting up with scientists who specialize in decoding animal communication, Lucy will be exploring their methods and translating their findings to reveal just how complex animal ‘speak’ really is.

From compiling a chimp dictionary, chatting up fire flies, learning the names of dolphins and even holding a meeting with hippos, Lucy will be getting up close and personal with these very special species to prove that animals use grammar, pack a lot of info into their sentences and have pretty good social lives. In fact, they’re more like us than we ever imagined.