Boundless announces commission of TX pilot – The Payback (w/t), for Channel 4 


Boundless today announces the commission of a TX pilot, ‘The Payback’ (w/t) by Channel 4.

The old adage goes, ‘neither a borrower nor a lender be’. But this seems to be something we, as a nation, have ignored as this 60’ pilot reveals. UK levels of informal borrowing reached an all-time high of nearly £23 billion last year with only half of it ever being repaid. For Brits our first port of call when we need quick cash is our friends and family but we are terrible at paying it back.

The Payback (w/t) features people who owe and are owed, either wanting to repair a relationship or just their bank-balance. The show offers the chance to debtors to wave goodbye to guilt and do the right thing which results in some amazing reconciliations and thrilling reveals as people finally get repaid, sometimes unexpectedly.

Boundless Managing Director Hannah Wyatt said of the commission: ‘Three quarters of us have lent money to friends and family in the last year which inevitably can affect our relationships. It feels really timely to look at why we borrow and how we can pay it back in a mischievous and uplifting format.’

The Payback (w/t) is a Boundless production for Channel 4 commissioned by Alex Menzies, Deputy Head of Features. Executive Producer is Fiona Caldwell.