BBC one commissions brand new factual entertainment series from Boundless

There are 11 million people renting in the UK, but with nine people for every rental property available, it’s fast becoming a landlord’s market. Those at the top of their tree are often more out of touch with their tenants than ever.  Landlords (w/t) is a 3 x 60’ series which will challenge landlords to go ‘back to the floor’ to spend one week living in one of their own rental properties.

Maxine Watson, BBC Commissioning Editor, Documentaries, said:“As more people and councils turn to the private sector to provide accommodation, this timely series asks what kind of social and moral obligations bind today’s landlords.”

In each episode this ‘fish out of water’ format will follow two landlords as they step into their tenant’s shoes.

Hannah Wyatt, Boundless Managing Director comments: “Landlords (w/t) is a transformative and revealing series that will give an honest and emotive insight into ‘generation rent’ though the landlords immersive experience, exploring the ever increasing gap between renters and their landlords.”

Landlords (w/t)is a Boundless production for BBC One commissioned by Maxine Watson, Commissioning Editor, Documentaries. Kat Lennox, Executive Producer and Emily Smith, Series Producer.